SeChain DAO Team

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

In SeChain all SNN Holders is the project team , all work done from community members , same as BTC Concept, the SeChain Is community driven project as The cryptocurrency market is evolving, there are huge business deals under this Solution. But most of them could not transfer their white paper to real business because of Lake of business experts. Our  DAO team members are corporate-level professionals in finance, audit, marketing, programming, projects, investment, we also in a joint venture with corporate’s, that means most of our work follows corporate standards and procedures, we have a deal with the strongest IT companies for the programming & IT work, Oracle for finance & operations, Big 4 for audit, our finance team is long-familiar in business for the last 20 years, the founder is leading the finance team for financial plans, budget, cash flow, work in progress, we believe this company owned by coin holders, the funds is controlled by a very strong team , also our sales team holding strong experience in crypto currency sales, and financial services products too, as our primary concern is business not for selling Coins, we will request overflowing list from our HR department for the full staff which will be appreciated by all.

Our DAO Team serving around 30 years of experience in Risk management and insurance, the database is very lengthy, and as we clarified our target is the business module which will assist the Coin holders to stand top in the business market. We have in house investment department dealing with corporates, investors, clients. We have a group team for providing weekly reports for the business plans and key performance indicators (KPI) are utilized as well. Our internal policies and procedures provide enormous supports to our business.