SeChain White Paper



List of terms used in this white-paper is discussed below with their respective explanation for better understanding of prospectus.

SeChain (SNN)

The Token Name


Decentralized platform capable of executing smart contracts and applications using block chain.


Platform that arbitrates purchase and sales of crypto coins.


Standard token created on Ethereum blockchain which can be exchanged with another ERC 20 token. Also, ERC 20 tokens can be easily integrated into blockchain wallets and exchange platform.


Exchange users are identified with Institutional policies with an eye to combat money laundering and the finance of terrorism.

Smart Contracts

A programming platform intended to digitally promote, verify or enforce the negotiation or performance of contracts.


Store Currency in your Online wallet.

Trading Pairs

Trade among the different kinds of cryptocurrency calculating the value of SeChain cryptocurrency while negotiation of purchase and sale.

Scope &Mission

SeChain project is building the future of decentralized services, where the
service provider & the customers can get the work done in decentralized
environment ,far from centralized companies, so any one need a service like
painting house , repairing a car , selling a used items, providing any pro services like
transportations , logistics , supply chain ..etc. he should Hodl SNN , it will
be used as service charges with discount , after confirmation of service funds will be
released to the service provider ,
With SNN you can achieve your targets

Defi Services

Staking Services.

Real Decentralization Services.

Local community services.

Direct services from any location


Online marketing/Advertising programs

Our professionals are highly skilled in managing the campaigns aimed at capturing huge users and inevitable exchanges within a shorter.

Finance marketing

Reputed companies across the world are undertaking our extraneous auditing services which facilitates trust and exhibit transparency to our user community.


SeChain will be in top search results of Google with our expert search engine optimization, resulting in targeted traffic that reaches our platform.

Quick rise in funds

SeChain beneath ERC 20 standard is relatively new-sprung which creates curiosity among the people to invest in it while comparing with other cryptocurrencies & soon will be in BSC.


Experienced web development team has taken much effort to implement the best payment solutions and develop best app related transaction services with block chain network.

SNN Allocation

% 55

token Burn


team & Advisers

% 5

for decentralized services improvement

% 25

Distributed to the Community.

% 5

future Burn

Coin Information

Coin Name - SeChain (SNN)

Cost of 1 SeCHain - 0.00015 $

Circulating Supply - 17,000,000,000 SNN

Total Supply - 39,000,000,000 SNN



start the project mode & implement all the ideas , solutions.


kickoff the main-net & start the Blockchain platform.


complete the listing in 20 exchanges & 10 Dex aggregators.


V2 Upgrade


Legalize all operations & start out SNN POS system


Audit all the work-flow and improve the security and infrastructure of SeChain.

Use of Coin

SeChain is Based on Ethereum ERC20 technology, then it will move to MainNet , it brings scalability and security to users, and will reach the market with the prospect of revolutionizing the definition of Decentralized Services. An exclusive benefit like progressive discounts on the Decentralized services & community local work, payment solution for the services , logistics ,transportation ,whole sale, supply chain ,taxi services.

Our Team And Advisors

crypto currency market is evolving, there are huge business deals under this Solution. But most of them could not transfer their white paper to real business because of Lake of business experts. Our team members is corporate level professionals in finance, audit, marketing, programming, projects ,investment , we also in a joint venture with corporate’s , that means most of our work follows corporate standards and procedures, we have a deal with strongest IT companies for the programming & IT work , Oracle for finance & operations , Big 4 for audit , our finance team is long-familiar in business for last 20 years , the founder is leading the finance team for financial plans ,budget , cash flow, work in progress, we believe this company owned by coin holders , the funds is controlled by very strong team , also our sales team holding strong experience in crypto currency sales , and financial services products too, as our primary concern is business not for selling Coins, we will request overflowing list from our HR department for the full staff which will be appreciated by all. We are serving around 30 years of experience in Risk management and insurance, the database is very lengthy and as we clarified our target is the business module which will assist the Coin holders to stand top in the business market. We have in house investment department dealing with corporates, investors, clients. We have a group team for providing weekly reports for the business plans and key performance indicators (KPI) are utilized as well. Our internal policies and procedures provides enormous supports to our business.